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Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat in North Hollywood, California provides dental services through his practice, A-Dental Center. His team is committed to helping individuals achieve and maintain oral health. When patients are experiencing issues associated with an impacted wisdom tooth, surgical extraction may be necessary.


What is surgical extraction?

There are times when patients need to have an adult natural tooth removed.

  • It may be due to an impacted wisdom tooth.
  • It may be to prepare the smile for treatment such as orthodontics or placement of a complete denture.
  • Other times, it may be to relieve problems such as overcrowding or to remove a diseased or non-repairable tooth.

The procedure may be either a simple extraction or surgical extraction. Surgical extraction is when the dentist needs to get underneath the gum tissue to access a tooth that has not yet erupted through the gum line. It may require more sedation and local anesthetic than a simple extraction, where a tooth is wedged out from the jaw bone.


Benefits of extracting an impacted wisdom tooth

The primary advantage of removing a wisdom tooth that fails to erupt is to eliminate the pain and discomfort many patients experience. It is also an affordable and effective way to solve the problem without having to affect surrounding teeth. Some patients choose to have their wisdom teeth removed before they erupt to avoid problems later, such as shifting of existing teeth.


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