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The Pros of Having Dentures


Our teeth are very important to the way we eat and speak. Without them, life would be a lot different, and mostly not in good ways. In today’s world, the chances of tooth decay and damage are so high that the majority of people are unable to avoid tooth loss and extractions.

What Tooth Loss Entails

Losing even a single tooth can prove highly detrimental, both to a person’s smile as well as the functioning of their mouth. Imagine losing more than one; the physiological and psychological impact would be staggering. The person may simply be too ashamed to openly smile afterwards, or for that matter, do anything at all which draws attention to their mouths. Some foods may need to be given up completely, because chewing and biting are restricted now.


Dentures let you side step the embarrassment and inconvenience of multiple missing teeth. Being removable dental appliances that step into the spots left by real teeth, dentures can restore a huge portion of your mouth’s former functionality and beauty. The design comprises a metal or plastic plate, which has prosthetic teeth fastened to it. These are made in different sizes, shapes, and colors, which closely match those of your old teeth, and that means your smile would look almost exactly the same as it used to.

You can get dentures in full arches, where all the missing teeth in both the lower and upper jaws are replaced. Alternatively, you could get partial dentures, which fill up the spaces formed by no more than a handful of missing teeth. Each of these options comes in both removable and fixed varieties.

The Benefits

There are many beneficial reasons why dentures make such attractive options for people with missing teeth.

  • They bring back the function of the teeth:The mouth gets restored to full functionality, including the ability to chew, bite, and speak without any problems.
  • Fewer dietary restrictions: Many patients miss out on many of their favorite foods, simply because they lack the necessary teeth to chew them. Having dentures lets them eat what they like where solid foods are concerned, provided their dentist approves.
  • Improved speech: Almost every word we speak sounds the way it does, because we push on our teeth in a specific way to make the proper sound. People without teeth have major a problem to contend with here, but dentures let them speak almost as well as they did before losing their real teeth.
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Carly Mckeen
Carly Mckeen
3 years ago

I like how you stated that dentures allow you to speak almost as well as you did before you lost your teeth. My grandpa has lost a good amount of his teeth and can’t speak as well now, and has been considering dentures. will definitely pass along all of your great information on dentures to my grandpa so he can decide if he wants to get them.

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