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How Bad is Vaping for your Teeth and Gums?

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Many see vaping as a stylish alternative to smoking cigarettes, and to a large extent, it is also less harmful. However, if you asked a dentist if it was good for your teeth and gums, you would probably get a clear “No” as an answer. Suffice to say that this habit has still not been conclusively shown as being 100% safe.

How Does it Affect Teeth and Gums?

While much less harmful than smoking because it produces no smoke, vaping does your dental health no favors.

  • It brings the user in touch with nicotine, which is detrimental to healthy blood flow. The soft tissues present in the mouth get less oxygen and nutrients.
  • Vaping can be the cause of gums receding, and that ties in with the nicotine. Basically, it restricts the blood vessels and curtails blood flow. When the vapors from this burn, inflammatory proteins get released into the gum tissue, often inviting diseases like periodontitis.
  • The mouth loses a majority of its ability to fight off the harmful effects of bacteria. Decay rates, infection, and other issues get sped up, and over time, even tooth loss, and resulting problems can occur.

How This Differs from Cigarette Smoking

Where a conventional cigarette produces smoke, vaping makes vapor. A heating element is applied to the “vape juice”, which is where the nicotine is contained. When vaping first became popular, the absence of smoke caused many people to believe it would actually be good for them.

What Dental Symptoms are a Sign you Should Probably Stop Vaping?

In all fairness, a regular vaping habit alone does not guarantee the person will suffer gum disease. However, some symptoms can exhibit, including during dental cleaning sessions, which require prompt action. Following are some of the things that signal you should make a change sooner rather than later, concerning your vaping habit.

  • Enduring bad breath (halitosis)
  • Bleeding or irritated gums
  • Tenderness in the gums, or even swelling
  • Wobbly or weak teeth
  • Gum tissue receding

If any gum disease is detected early on, immediate treatment has greater chances of being successful. In the early stages, it may even manage to prevent tooth loss. If you are planning to hold on to a vaping habit, at least make sure you see a dentist regularly.

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