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When is All on 4 Dental Implants The Best Option?

Are you missing multiple teeth? All on 4 dental implants are a restorative dentistry procedure that uses four implants to replace an entire lower or upper set of teeth.

This makes it possible to replace detachable dentures with something more durable and realistic-looking. All on 4 dental implants maintain your jaw and facial structure and serve to replace missing teeth.

Are you concerned if this is the best choice for you? Before you even enter your dentist’s office, let’s get started on explaining what they are so you can fully understand them.

What Are All on 4 Dental Implants?

The term “All-on-4,” also known as “All-on-Four” and “All-in-Four,” refers to “all” teeth being supported “on four” dental implants. This prosthodontics technique is used for individuals who are edentulous or who have severely damaged teeth, several teeth that are broken down or compromised owing to gum disease.

All on 4 dental implants, also known as ‘teeth in a day,’ are used to reinforce a full denture bridge. This is a  procedure that can be used to replace all your teeth in a day, giving you a brand-new smile.

If you want to replace several lost teeth with less downtime than with several implants or if your dentist has determined that your teeth are irreparable, All on 4 dental implants would be the best option for you.

Are All on 4 Dental Implants Worth It?

All on 4 dental implants happen to be one of the best options if you have several missing teeth. The use of this procedure is also possible for those with weak jawbones.

These are some reasons why All on 4 dental implants are worth it.

  • You can have all the implants anchored to your jawbones in a single-day procedure.
  • You get a full arch of teeth restored with just four implants.
  • You get a smile that looks more natural compared to dentures.
  • You have the freedom to consume food whenever you choose.
  • By utilizing solely the pre-existing bone, the All on 4 dental implants eliminates the requirement for bone grafting for dental implants. The process is also made to function with the smallest amount of jawbones.
  • You will not experience any gum pain or inflammation.
  • The implants work just like natural teeth.
  • All on 4 dental implants are considerably less expensive than conventional full-arch restoration solutions.

In Conclusion

Edentulous (without natural teeth) has been shown to have detrimental social and psychological repercussions on people. This includes poor effects on facial and oral esthetics, masticatory function, and communication ability. When these effects are combined, the quality of life for such patients is significantly decreased.

Comparing the “All on 4 dental implants” treatment idea to sophisticated surgical methods without the use of detachable prosthesis, it appears to be an alternate choice for rehabilitating edentulous jaws. It is a cost-effective therapy that improves patient quality of life while cutting down on treatment hours and morbidity.