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All on 4 Dental Implants North Hollywood CA: Teeth Dentistry by Top Dentist

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Providing Excellent Quality Dental Implants at North Hollywood Dental

Located in North Hollywood CA, our dental center is known for providing top-notch quality dental implants. Led by the highly experienced North Hollywood dentist, Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat, we’re all about giving great dental care to our patients. Dental implants have become a popular solution for tooth loss and we’re proud to offer this procedure to our patients.

Our implants dental expertise allows for a smooth, efficient process whether you’re in need of a single implant or an “All-On-4” procedure. For those not familiar, “All-On-4” refers to a dentistry technique that uses only four implants to replace all of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw. It’s a great choice for those who’ve lost many or all their teeth.

It’s important to understand that implants dental work involves several steps. First, the implant itself, a small titanium screw, is inserted into the jawbone. This procedure can take a couple of months to heal. After the jawbone has healed, a false tooth (or teeth) is attached to the implant. This artificial tooth is designed to look and function just like a natural tooth.

It’s particularly essential for those with gum disease to consider dental implants. Why? If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss. But with implants, we can replace those missing teeth and prevent further dental issues.

We understand that dental work can be intimidating for some patients. That’s why we strive to make the procedure as comfortable as possible here in our North Hollywood CA center. With Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat at the helm, we’re committed to providing the best dental care for all of our patients.

Why choose us for your implant dental needs? Our dentist’s professional knowledge paired with our great California service promises a satisfactory experience. Get back to smiling confidently with high-quality dental implants from A Dental Center.

A Couple Smiling After Dental Implants
A Couple Smiling After Dental Implants

The Procedure of All-On-4 Dental Implants at our Noho Dental Center Explained

Searching for a North Hollywood, CA dentist who’s skilled in the use of All-On-4 dental implants? Look no further than our top-rated A Dental Center. We’re known for our expert dentistry services, including the cutting-edge All-On-4 procedure. This technique uses four strategically placed implanted posts to support a full arch of replacement teeth.

Here’s how the implant placement goes at our state-of-the-art North Hollywood Dental center: first, we use innovative technologies, like cone beam CT, for studying the patient’s jaw and dental structures. This enables us to plan the implant surgery with great precision. We then put you under sedation to ensure your comfort during the process.

As per the All-On-4 protocol, our North Hollywood dentist then inserts four implants into the jawbone. These act as artificial roots to secure your new teeth. Two implants are positioned in the front part of the mouth, and two are put on the sides, angled to provide stability.

Next comes the fitting of the replacement teeth onto the implanted posts. We finely adjust them for a perfect fit that complements your facial structure and gives you a natural, confident smile. Our A Dental Center team works meticulously, ensuring the highest levels of dental health, and aesthetics are achieved.

Wondering why All-On-4 is the preferred option for dental implants North Hollywood, CA residents choose? It’s due to the advantages it provides over other types of dental implants available. With only four implanted posts required, it’s less invasive and presents lesser chances for complications. Plus, it can be performed even in cases of substantial bone loss.

Trust A Dental Center for your All-On-4 treatment. Rest assured, we’ll provide you with a wonderful and efficient experience for your dental implant procedure, maintaining the quality we’re known for in North Hollywood.

Compassionate Dental Implant Procedures at A-Dental Center for a Stress-free Experience

At A-Dental Center, we’re all about providing compassionate, stress-free experiences for all dental procedures; especially when it comes to our popular dental implants. For residents of North Hollywood, CA seeking an implant dentist with experience and skill in implant dentistry, our center is the ideal destination. Our dental health team is dedicated to restoring teeth using not just any dental implants, but the All-On-4 system.

This innovative procedure enables patients to reclaim their smiles using a full arch restoration. With All-On-4 dental implants, you’ll bid goodbye to challenges associated with tooth loss and gum disease. We don’t just perform dental implant procedures – we redefine dentistry by ensuring compassionate care and the highest standards of dental health are at the core of our operations.

In North Hollywood, we’re not just a dental center, we’re the go-to place for implants dental procedures that will leave you with a healthy, radiant smile. We take dental implants a notch higher, ensuring a seamless, stress-free experience for each procedure. Our tooth implants team is trained in providing the highest level of care to support a successful implant procedure, while the post-procedure support remains unmatched.

The All-On-4 dental system has revolutionized the implant dental field for North Hollywood residents. Many patients appreciate its minimal downtime, leaving them with more time to enjoy their new teeth. Plus, caring for your implants is as easy as maintaining your natural teeth. Strategically placed dental implants on your gums will help boost your dental health and the longevity of your teeth.

So, whether you’re in North Hollywood or the wider California area looking for the best dentist specializing in all things dental, A-Dental Center should be your number one choice. With us, you’re not just a patient – you’re part of our dental family. Come experience a stress-free, compassionate dental implant procedure today.

Our Smile Gallery: Showcasing Full Teeth Transformations with Dental Implants

Our Smile Gallery in North Hollywood CA, is truly a sight to behold. It showcases before and after procedures from dental implants to full teeth transformations. When you’re looking for a top dentist to partner with on your oral health journey, this gallery is the perfect place to see our commitment to and excellence in all we do, including All-On-4 dental implants. We’re proud of our team’s hard work and the stunning results.

Our patients come to us, choosing our services, for many reasons – top-quality tooth implants, attentive and compassionate care, and of course, our reputation for delivering outstanding results in teeth dentistry. We take great pride in offering some of the best dental services in North Hollywood. We believe our Smile Gallery tells that story, advocating for our dedication to creating beautiful, healthy smiles better than a word description ever could.

However, we understand that seeing is believing. Our Smile Gallery is filled with testimonials from patients who’ve chosen us for dental implants. These photos showcase the satisfactory results of our work, the procedures we offer, and the transformative impact of implant dentistry. We are delighted to be a part of each patient’s journey towards not only a healthier smile but more confidence and comfort in their everyday lives.

Every picture in the gallery serves as a testament to the level of care and compassion our team provides every step of the way, from initial consultation to completion of the procedure. So, don’t take our word for it. Scroll through our Smile Gallery. Each smile we’ve transformed tells a story. It spreads another toothy grin, another success story, another patient who left our office more satisfied and confident than before. That’s the power of our work, the power of dental implants, the power of A-Dental Center in North Hollywood.

With us, an invalid input is out of the question. We ensure that from the moment you reach out until your new smile is complete, we make the process as stress-free as possible. At our center, we’re all about giving you the best implant experience possible. Contact us today.

Welcome to Our Family-Oriented California Practice for Dental Implants

Welcome to our family-oriented dental practice in California, which caters to all your dental needs, focusing specifically on dental implants and teeth maintenance procedures. Being the top dentist in North Hollywood, CA, our practice boasts of a high success rate for dental implants, whether it’s a single dental implant or an All-On-4 procedure. The all-on-four concept is an exemplary technique, ideal for patients looking for complete teeth restoration.

We prioritize our patients’ comfort and satisfaction, creating a stress-free environment during all our procedures. Our compassionate team ensures the dental implant process goes smoothly and painlessly, attending to each concern you may have. We aim at providing a comprehensive dental procedure, starting from examining gum disease, if any, to fitting the final implant. We offer treatment for gum disease too, as it’s a crucial factor affecting dental implant success.

Along with the service mentioned, we also cater to other dental solutions such as maintaining and caring for your teeth, ensuring that you flaunt a beautiful smile at all times. The teeth experts at our center focus on dental implants and tooth implants, providing the best solutions for patients.

The All-On-4 procedure is a popular option that our patients opt for, which involves placing the implants at specific locations for optimal results. The comfort of our patients is primarily essential, which is why we pay extra attention to ensure that our patients are informed about the procedure and results.

Teeth dentistry involves various other aspects too, from regular cleaning to more complex procedures like implants. At our center, we provide a wide range of dental services that cater to all your dental needs. From explaining in detail the procedure for dental implants to ensuring regular check-ups and timely adjustments, we’re here for you.

We invite you to experience excellent quality of dental care at our North Hollywood dental clinic. As renowned dentists, we’re here to transform your smiles.

Take a North Hollywood Office Tour: Our Office is Equipped with Advanced Technology for Dental Implants

If you’ve been on the hunt for top-notch dental health services in North Hollywood, CA, then your search ends right here at our Desert Dental office. We’re highly regarded as a leading North Hollywood dentist, known for our proficiency in carrying out All-On-4 dental implant procedures. Our contemporary office is purposefully designed to cater to your dental needs – teeth and gum care included. We invite you to take an office tour and get a firsthand experience of our advanced technology for dental implants.

What sets A Dental Center apart? Our proficiency in all aspects related to dental implants – the implant procedure itself, tooth implants, implants dental, and replacement teeth. Not forgetting our state-of-the-art cone beam technology, which has revolutionized the way dental implant procedures are conducted. We’re all about accuracy and precision, and our cone beam CT scans provide us with a clear 3D image of your oral structure.

Aside from the technical aspects, we are more of a family-oriented California practice rather than just a teeth clinic. We’re all about building relationships with our patients while offering them the best in dental care. All this is possible thanks to our team of dentists, who are passionate about dentistry and show it in their work.

Replacing dentures with implants has become quite a trend at our North Hollywood office. The All-On-4 procedure is a popular choice, giving you full arch restoration with minimum surgery. Plus, you experience the convenience of fixed, non-removable replacement teeth – a significant leap from removable dentures.

For dental implants in North Hollywood, A Dental Center is the place to go. And any North Hollywood dentist working at our practice has been trained to deliver this state-of-the-art dental implant solution. Remember, we’re invested in your overall oral health, and everything we do revolves around that important goal. Visit us today and experience first-class dentistry as it should be.

Visit A-Dental Center Today: Your Top Dentist in North Hollywood for All on 4 Dental Implant Procedure

For a bright, confident smile, visit the top dentist in North Hollywood at A-Dental Center today and elevate your dental health. We specialize in various procedures, including the revolutionary ‘All-On-4’ dental implant procedure. Our implanted posts, designed by our highly skilled dentist, Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat, are a more long-lasting solution for tooth replacements. Ideal for patients with inadequate bone who can’t opt for traditional dental implants, All-On-4 presents a sturdy, efficient alternative.

Here in North Hollywood, we’re committed to providing your teeth with excellent quality dental implants with the All-On-4 procedure. You can browse through our Smile Gallery to view full teeth transformations carried out by our proficient dentists. Our practice is equipped with advanced technology for accurate placement of dental implants, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience.

As a leading North Hollywood dentist, we focus on all aspects of oral health. Our comprehensive approach includes in-depth consultation, detailed examination, and understanding of your unique dental requirements before proceeding with the implant surgery. We’re a North Hollywood patient-oriented practice, offering compassionate care and building long-lasting associations.

Our dentistry expertise is not confined to just teeth but expands to the oral bone too. At our North Hollywood center, we offer personalized implant solutions that cater to patients’ oral bone health. Our experienced dentist will fix the implants directly into the jawbone for a strong and secure fit that mimics the natural tooth root.

Come to North Hollywood, CA, and experience the All-On-4 procedure. We’re all about ensuring your full satisfaction, from implementing unique implant solutions to providing follow-ups to ensure a seamless recovery. Our primary goal is to help patients regain their natural-looking teeth back and smile without inhibition. So, don’t wait anymore! Visit us today to begin your journey towards a stunning, healthy smile.


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists. hygienists, dental assistants, an endodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon.

Dental Implant Reviews


“I had previous dental work done and teeth were in terrible shape. The staff at this office were kind and helped me through the whole process. I had a root canal, which wasn’t painful at all. Just minor discomfort, which I expected and two crowns put in for a great teeth look amazing! “


Brittany P


The best Place I’ve been 2, I would recommended it, to any one…They are very Clean and Great Staff!!! they have plans if u need it and can’t pay all of it. Shit they got me hook. Money Saver, who doesn’t Love That!!! Yes I would recommend this Place!!!


Erik C


Amazing! I got a much needed root canal and deep cleaning done two weeks ago and have had little to no pain. The procedure was also pretty painless. Just don’t be afraid to ask for more anesthesia! I got my crown put in today and the rest of the deep cleaning and I’m in love with my smile.


Raegan R


Dr. Elzayat, is excellent in his job and very professional, great helpful staff who can answer all my questions, the location is great. I am so happy to be one of their patient. I absolutely recommend this place.




I found A-Dental Center after I found out the first dentist I went to would have me maxing out my insurance coverage after a cleaning and one periodontal procedure. My husband recommended them and I’m so happy that I found them. The front desk staff is amazing!


Johnna W

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