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3 Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures in North Hollywood, CA

 Your dentist in North Hollywood, CA, offers a variety of cosmetic dental procedures ranging from basic treatments like teeth whitening to more complicated procedures like dental veneers. It can sometimes be confusing to make a decision with all of the choices available to you. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures to steer you in the right direction in improving the appearance of your smile.

  1. Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you ever tried whitening your teeth at home? If so, you were likely disappointed at the results if you are like most people. At-home whitening kits, trays, gels, toothpaste, and strips are available over-the-counter at your local drugstore and online. Unfortunately, while they may be able to whiten your teeth a shade or two, they cannot compare to the results of professional teeth whitening treatments.

One of the main reasons for the failure of these over-the-counter products is that their whitening gels are simply not as strong as professional teeth whitening ingredients.

One key advantage of undergoing a professional teeth whitening treatment is that you will be supervised every step of the way. This helps prevent teeth and gum sensitivity that is common following at-home teeth whitening treatments.

  1. Invisalign

Do you need your teeth straightened but dread the idea of traditional metal braces? If you have a negative opinion of conventional braces, you are not alone. Many people wore braces as teenagers, and the stigma still lingers. Although there have been amazing advances recently in traditional braces, you may prefer a different treatment option that is just as effective but is not as uncomfortable and obtrusive.

Invisalign works through the use of clear plastic aligners that are custom-fit to your individual teeth. These aligners are periodically switched out for a new set of aligners until your teeth have been straightened.

Patients love the way that Invisalign aligners can be conveniently removed at any time for eating or cleaning. And there are no food restrictions with Invisalign as there are with systems that rely upon metal brackets and wires that food can get stuck on. Whenever you need to eat or clean your teeth, simply remove the Invisalign system and pop it back in when you are done.

  1. Porcelain Veneers

Do you have minor imperfections in one or more teeth, like chips or stains? You may make a good candidate for porcelain dental veneers, which are thin shells attached to the teeth during two dental appointments.

In the first appointment, your teeth will need to be roughened a bit for a better veneer fit. A mold will be created of your teeth and sent to a dental lab, which actually creates your porcelain veneers. At a subsequent appointment, your dentist will affix the porcelain veneers to your teeth.

Porcelain makes an outstanding construction material for dental veneers because of its durability and incredible stain resistant properties. Its color and translucence also closely match that of natural teeth.