Wisdom Extraction

Discover how A-Dental Center can
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Wisdom Extraction

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Discover how A-Dental Center can
help you with your wisdom teeth today

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As you become a young adult, you’ll likely start to feel pain near the back of your gums. You may wonder why it feels like you’re teething when you have all of your teeth, right? Most likely, that pain is your wisdom teeth cutting through.

As your wisdom teeth start to come through the gums, the process is usually quite painful. Even if you don’t feel much from your wisdom teeth, it’s important that you consult your dentist on removing them. Leaving wisdom teeth as is could result in further complications with your existing teeth down the road.

Don’t wait until the pain is unbearable. Visit your North Hollywood dentist to schedule your wisdom tooth removal. Contact us today at (818) 593-0700 to book your consultation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services in North Hollywood

The importance of wisdom teeth removal with your North Hollywood dentist is to avoid complications. The jaw typically does not have enough available space for these third molars to grow in normally. Allowing wisdom teeth to continue growing may result in crowding. As existing teeth are pushed aside by emerging wisdom teeth, misalignment occurs, jaw pain may develop, and gums may become inflamed and infected.

The other complication that your dentist wants to avoid is impaction. Wisdom teeth, if there is no room in the jaw for growth, can be “stuck” beneath the gums. Trapped here, teeth may attempt to emerge from the gums. Some impacted wisdom teeth can develop tumors or cysts, posing further complications.

Removing your wisdom teeth helps alleviate pain and pressure in your mouth, prevents further issues from developing, and benefits the look of your smile, as well. Visit your dentist in North Hollywood today to remove your wisdom teeth. You can be in and out of the office within an hour.

Our Teeth Removal Services

  • Examination
  • Extraction
  • Impaction treatment
  • Local anesthetic with a quick, single-visit
  • Monitor size of growth in early adolescence
  • Avoid complications (crowding, misalignment, jaw pain, inflammation, infection)

Preferred Wisdom Teeth Removal Service in North Hollywood

Removing your wisdom teeth is not something you want to trust to just anyone. Our dental team has the experience and training to properly extract your wisdom teeth to avoid any further complications.

We understand that wisdom teeth can be an inconvenience to you. That is why we will have you in an out of our dental office as quickly as possible. Our procedure is safe and efficient, using local anesthetics during the treatment.

Why Patients Favor Us

Many patients prefer to come to A Dental Center for their wisdom teeth removal for several reasons. Our convenient location makes it easy to get too and from our office. Our whole team will provide you with quality customer service to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Wisdom teeth extraction can get expensive. We work with the majority of dental financing and insurance plans. Don’t have any insurance? You’ll find our prices to be reasonable and competitive. Make sure to ask about our various discounts and membership plans.

At A Dental Center, we always take every precaution to ensure patient safety. We use the latest technology during surgery and follow strict standards of cleanliness throughout the procedure. Our team is highly experienced in wisdom teeth extraction, so you can trust that you’ll receive excellent care from us. You’ll also have no problem scheduling an appointment in a timely manner. We strive to make sure that our patients’ needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Our dental center offers pre- and post-operative instructions for wisdom teeth extraction to help you prepare for the procedure and recover afterwards. Our team is also available to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after the procedure.


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