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Composite Fillings

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Have you teeth filled
with A-Dental Center's composite teeth filling service now

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At the A-Dental Center North Hollywood dental practice, we are committed to excellence. The dental restorations offered in our office are designed for long lasting repair and beauty. We understand that whatever work is done to restore strength to the teeth will have an impact on the smile as a whole. For this reason, we have chosen to offer metal-free, composite resin dental fillings to patients of all ages.

As we go through life, we interact with others, both verbally and nonverbally. Whether we are smiling, laughing, or speaking, our teeth are visible to others. Dark spots in the smile are difficult to hide, even when silver fillings are located on teeth at the back of the mouth. These fillings remain the most commonly placed today. Dr. Elzayat, with composite resin fillings, sets his patients up for satisfaction and successful restoration, covering the evidence that a cavity ever existed.

One of the primary benefits of composite dental fillings is the material is colored to match surrounding teeth. For aesthetic reasons, composite resin is used to repair highly visible front teeth. In our North Hollywood dentistry practice, we believe that your entire smile should be treated with the same regard. Because composite resin is so similar to natural enamel, this material is ideal for the repair and cosmetic enhancement of teeth.

This type of dental filling is made from a combination of glass or quartz filler, blended in a resin medium, offering a wonderful, metal-free alternative to silver fillings. The repair of cavities is so discreet that no one will be able to tell you have had dental work done.

Tooth colored fillings strong and attractive

One of the primary reasons patients choose composite resin fillings is for their natural attractiveness. From a restorative standpoint, tooth colored fillings made of composite resin are extremely appealing due to their strength and longevity. Using this material, we are able to complete the restorative process without the removal of healthy tooth structure. Because composite resin fillings are retained within the tooth through a bonding process, rather than mechanical retention, only the damaged portion of the tooth need be removed. This bonding process also creates a secure fit that lasts for many years.

The combination of the material itself and the process by which it is bonded to the tooth, composite metal-free fillings make structurally sound restorations. Composite resin, unlike dental amalgam, will expand and contract in a similar way to natural enamel when warmed by food, beverage, or chewing. This similar rate facilitates longevity, which is what we strive for with restorative care.

We are committed to providing the best possible care for our clients and that includes offering metal-free restorations whenever it is a viable option. Our goal is to maximize your comfort while creating the most aesthetically pleasing result possible. We understand how important your smile is, both in appearance and function, so we strive to meet each individual's needs.

The A-Dental Center team provides our patients with compassionate, gentle care. Contact our office in North Hollywood to schedule your consultation.


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