Added protection with fluoride Dr. Elzayat is a North Hollywood dentist who would prefer to help you, and your family, avoid dental problems, than to treat them. If we can save you the pain and inconvenience of restorative care, then we have accomplished a primary goal of dentistry. Part of helping patients keep their smiles healthy is providing individualized preventive care. One way we work to protect teeth is through fluoride treatments.

Our teeth are made with a defense against the effects of oral bacteria. The hard outer shell of enamel protects the inner areas of teeth from damage. Bacteria, however, have the power to weaken enamel. Dentists recommend twice a day brushing and daily flossing as the primary methods of removing bacteria. For children, especially, successfully cleaning all parts of every tooth can be difficult, which is why many dentists recommend additional protection with fluoride.

Fluoride, a natural mineral, is contained in many types of food, as well as water. Fluoride promotes strong enamel by replacing lost nutrients, and can help teeth remain strong against bacteria. Teeth that are exposed to fluoride are less likely to develop cavities because they can better resist the acid that leads to erosion.

Not only can fluoride prevent the onset of cavities, but this beneficial mineral can also promote health in teeth already affected by cavities. Although fluoride will not take the place of repair with a dental filling if a cavity has developed, regular treatments have the potential of stopping small cavities from growing.

Most people think of fluoride treatments as important to children. While children, especially younger children, can benefit greatly from regular fluoride treatments, which will promote the growth of healthy, strong teeth, some adults may find fluoride treatments beneficial as well. Teens and adults undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment may consider fluoride treatments an ideal adjunct service. As well, any adult who is prone to cavities or who has compromised health may wish to discuss the potential of fluoride in their ongoing dental health plan.

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