Seal out cavities with dental sealants

Current data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that nearly 70 percent of young Americans will develop at least one cavity by the age of 19. Cavities are more than a minor nuisance. The damage caused by the acid of oral bacteria eats away healthy enamel and causes mild to intense pain. If not treated, a cavity can lead to infection within the root canal, a problem calling for more complex, costly treatment. If we could, we would avoid the pain and inconvenience of cavities . . . wouldn’t we?

Your dentist offers a highly effective preventive treatment aimed at decreasing the risk of cavities: dental sealants. A simple treatment, dental sealants are painted onto back teeth, hardening into a durable plastic after application. Dental sealants have been used by dentists for years. Although an effective treatment, many patients either don’t know about dental sealants or simply do not request them. In our North Hollywood dental practice, we inform our patients of the benefits of this preventive treatment, giving them every opportunity to care for their teeth.

Cavities most often develop on the chewing surfaces of the teeth at the back of the mouth. This is because our molars have deep fissures on the chewing surface in which it is easy for bacteria and debris to collect. Even with regular brushing, it can be difficult to clean these crevices, and cavities adequately or more likely. Applying sealants to the molars seals the grooves on the chewing surface, inhibiting the collection of debris and bacteria and, thus, decreasing the risk of cavity development.

Dental sealants are often thought of as a preventive treatment for children. While children are greatly protected from cavities with dental sealants, adults who are prone to cavities may also benefit from treatment. Your dentist can help you determine if you are at a high risk for cavity development, and recommend treatment accordingly.

Treating the teeth with dental sealants is one part of a well-rounded preventive treatment plan. Teeth that have been “sealed” are far less likely to develop cavities on the chewing surface. However, cavities can still form in between teeth. The best way to keep teeth and gums their healthiest is to maintain excellent home hygiene practices, and to see your dentist at least twice a year for evaluations and cleanings.

Dental sealant treatment takes only a few minutes, is non-invasive and completely pain-free, offering patients the opportunity to avoid the pain and cost of cavities and their subsequent repair. Contact your North Hollywood dentist to schedule your checkup and preventive treatment. Together, we can ensure a lifetime of optimal oral health. 🦷👨‍⚕️🤗


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