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What Dentists Recommend?

Dentists recommend full dentures, also called complete dentures, to individuals who are missing all of their natural teeth, or who require extraction of remaining teeth.

When a whole row or arch of teeth is missing, full dentures can be a better option to replace all of these teeth all at once.

Full dentures are used when all your teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when only some of your natural teeth are left.

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Procedure Facts and Healing Times

Generally, complete dentures require the removal of all teeth in the upper and/or lower half of your mouth; after they are removed, your gums must be healed fully before your dentures will fit. For full dentures, the remaining teeth must be removed first, and then the gums must heal.

Whenever teeth are removed to fabricate a full denture, the procedure is called an immediate denture.

Transitional Dentures

If you are missing all of your teeth in one or both arches, a full denture may be best used as a transitional step toward dental implants.

These dentures are often called temporary or transitional dentures and are usually made of the same material as conventional dentures.

Completely Replacing Missing Teeth

Full dentures are designed to completely replace missing teeth, giving the patient an entirely new set of teeth.

At our dental office in North Hollywood, we can replace your missing teeth with either partial or full dentures, which will not only enhance your appearance and smile but will help you eat and speak more comfortably.

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Selecting The Best Dentures for You

Depending on how many teeth the patient has lost, we will determine what type of denture is best for the situation.

If existing teeth are in place in the jaw, and they need to be extracted or the patient wants them removed, the dentist will perform any necessary extraction procedures before proceeding with the insertion of a complete denture. 

Full or Partial Dentures?

If a dental patient has a few teeth left, and they are strong enough and in good enough shape, they can be used as a base for a partial denture. Partial dentures are generally recommended for individuals who have a large number of sound teeth in their jaw, usually because it is undesirable to remove the naturally occurring teeth that are still functioning.    

Conventional complete dentures, when placed, look and work like natural teeth, allowing the wearer to bite and eat normally. Partial dentures can reconstruct part of the mouth. If you have either a partial or a full denture, and notice that it does not feel secure and solid in the mouth, you may need denture adjustments to help with fit.    

Immediate dentures are not meant to last so long, and they always need some adjustments before fitting properly. If you receive an Immediate Denture after having had multiple teeth removed, your gums and jawbone shape will change fairly quickly, and the denture might require reinforcing or being altered within a couple of months.

Missing teeth can make your face appear flat or aged, and the denture holds the muscles under your lips and cheeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Full Dentures

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Full Dentures?

It typically takes a few weeks to several months for individuals to get fully accustomed to their full dentures. During this period, it’s common to experience slight mouth discomfort or changes in speech and eating habits. However, these issues diminish as the muscles in your tongue and cheeks learn to keep your dentures in place.

How Long Do Full Dentures Last?

With proper care, full dentures should last five to seven years. Over time, however, they will need to be relined, remade, or rebased due to natural wear. Additionally, as you age, your mouth naturally changes shape. These changes can cause your dentures to become loose, making chewing difficult and irritating your gums. At a minimum, you should see your dentist annually for a checkup.

Can You Sleep with Full Dentures?

While it’s possible to sleep with full dentures in, most dental professionals recommend removing them at night. This gives your oral tissues a chance to recover from the pressure of the denture. Plus, removing your dentures at night and soaking them in a denture cleaner will help maintain their cleanliness, prolonging their lifespan and health.

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At A-Dental Center, we take immense pride in offering comprehensive full dentures to our valued patients.

Our highly experienced dental team is dedicated to helping you achieve the beautiful, natural smile that you truly deserve. We understand that the thought of getting fitted for full dentures might evoke some nervousness, but rest assured, we are committed to providing personalized care and attention throughout the entire process.

When you choose us for your full denture needs in North Hollywood, CA, you can expect a thorough consultation where we will discuss your specific goals and concerns. We will take the time to answer all of your questions and address any uncertainties you may have. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout your denture journey.

To take the next step towards your perfect smile, we invite you to fill out our convenient contact form.

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We are excited to embark on this transformative dental experience with you and look forward to helping you achieve the confident, radiant smile you’ve always wanted.

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