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Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat of A-Dental Center offers patients in and around North Hollywood, CA, a fixed replacement for missing teeth. There are multiple choices for replacement of missing teeth, but traditional appliances such as dentures and partials can be troublesome. These often slip or become loose, making them feel unnatural to the wearer. Dental implants provide a more stable and permanent solution.

Interested patients will be given a consultation and examination by Dr. Edmond to ascertain that dental implants are their best option. Undergoing an implant procedure for one or multiple teeth is a relatively simple process, and is completed entirely at A-Dental Center. The doctor and his staff put their extensive training into practice to ensure the patient has a comfortable and pain-free experience. Once placed, implants provide patients with satisfaction and beauty for a lifetime, much like healthy, natural teeth would.

X-rays are used to determine that the bone to support the implants is healthy. The posts, made of titanium, are surgically implanted into optimal locations in the bone. Over time, the bone will bond with the posts, which forms a stable foundation for the crowns, bridges, or dentures that will be attached. While these replacements are designed to individual specifications, a patient is supplied with temporaries, so they are never without teeth. When the patient returns, the dentist secures the permanent teeth in place over the posts.

While a benefit is that they look and function much like a person’s natural teeth, implants also provide bone stimulation, which prompts it to continue regeneration. They act as a replacement for the root that a natural tooth would have, providing the patient with increased bone retention over time. Implants also allow unaffected natural teeth to be left intact. This is the best option, when possible, to the overall dental health of our valued patients. Dr. Edmond gives specialized attention to the appearance and position of each replacement to ensure the smile is stunning.

Schedule an appointment to find out how your most attractive smile may be maintained or fully restored. Our dental professionals will take the time to answer any questions and calm any concerns regarding teeth replacement choices. Contact A-Dental Center today and discover the ideal solutions for your preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental needs.