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Top Things to Do In Hollywood, California

Hollywood is a bucket-list trip, with everything from the Walk of Fame to behind-the-scenes tours.

Hollywood, the country’s entertainment industry’s capital, is a state of mind and a very real place.
Spend some time here to view reminders of movie legends, both past and present.
Also, check out the dynamic, contemporary urban quarter that has seen a dramatic comeback in recent years.

·        The Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign, spelled out in giant white letters about 45 feet tall, is perhaps Los Angeles’ most recognizable landmark.
The sign can be viewed around Los Angeles and is one of Southern California’s most strictly protected landmarks. It was initially created in the 1920s with the words “HOLLYWOODLAND.” It was simply a billboard for real estate developments. Still, it has become a revered and iconic cultural site of interest, recognizable worldwide.

Visitors can get near the Hollywood Sign through a short stroll in Griffith Park. At the same time, access to the sign is strictly prohibited and punishable by a $1,000 fine.

·        La Brea Tar Pits and Museum

Sticky tar (natural asphalt) developed pools in the ground tens of thousands of years ago, trapping various large and small animals.
Their remnants became fossils after being preserved with preservatives, which today helps to provide insight into these extinct creatures. Some of these animals have been frozen in place for approximately 50,000 years.

The La Brea Tar Pits are easily identified by the population of life-size prehistoric animal models in the Pleistocene Garden right outside the George C. Page Museum.
The museum was established to educate the public about the fossils discovered at the many dig sites and pique public interest in paleontology science and methodologies.

Exhibits include the bones of a prehistoric mammoth and Smilodon (also known as the saber-toothed tiger), a horse, bison, and even a condor.

·        The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is an outdoor performance venue in a natural amphitheater that has hosted performers worldwide for over a century.

The Bowl, built in the 1920s in Bolton Canyon, gradually developed into a massive facility today, seating 20,000 people and accommodating another 10,000 standing.
Artists from different genres have performed on the stage, including theatre and musical performances.

Ella Fitzgerald, Danny Elfman, Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Garth Brooks, John Williams, and many more are notable guests. It is also home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, which performs “Symphonies Under the Stars” here throughout the summer.
Tourists can also go to the Hollywood Bowl Museum to learn more about this landmark and its cultural significance.

·        Eat at Yamashiro Restaurant

Yamashiro Restaurant, initially built in 1914 as a model of a famous palace in Kyoto’s Yamashiro province, is one of Los Angeles’ most prominent eating locations.

The stunning hilltop restaurant and estate have been one of the city’s greatest attractions for more than a century.
The menu includes sake-marinated lamb chops, Koshu-braised wagyu short ribs, and a belly-on pork handle with Yama-hog sauce. There is also a comprehensive sushi and sashimi menu and an Ishi-yaki cooking stone dining experience for the entire table.

Throughout the year, the restaurant offers unique events such as the Hollywood Night Market, which brings more than 20 food vendors to the restaurant’s grounds and features live music performances.