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Maintaining your oral health is important to good overall health, which has an impact on your quality of life and personal image. When a look in the mirror doesn’t reveal that same radiant smile you used to have, you might want to consider teeth whitening options. Even a glance into this topic will yield many choices, and knowing which one is right for you may be very confusing. Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat and the A-Dental Center staff are happy to share advice regarding retail vs. professional, at-home vs. in-office, and other details that will lead to the teeth whitening method best suited for your individualized need.

To brighten your smile quickly and professionally in our office, we use the Zoom! teeth whitening system. You will experience immediate results by spending as little as an hour in our office. This process is desirable because it is administered by experienced dental staff, and techniques are employed to give you the most comfortable experience and satisfying outcome. Your teeth will be professionally cleaned by our hygienist first to allow optimal effectiveness of the whitening agent. If you are prone to sensitivity from teeth whitening products, you may find this process preferable. You will attain dramatic results quickly because of the stronger agents at work, but also feel at ease knowing they are being administered by trained professionals. Any concerns with matching the color to existing dental work, such as crowns and bridges, are placed in our competent hands, as well, ensuring dazzling results.

If you are interested in a more gradual result, we also offer an at-home process. This system is done in the privacy of your own home. It still, however, far exceeds what you can expect from products bought in a retail store. Our take-home system is customized for you, so that you have input upfront and know what results to anticipate, rather than the entire process being an experiment with a random store product. You may also enjoy the benefit of being able to continue to use the system as desired over time to help you maintain your results from the initial whitening treatment.

A radiant smile is best kept by practicing regular oral hygiene. Consistent care at home, such as brushing and flossing, is extremely important, as are regular visits with your dentist. We invite you to schedule your next appointment with A-Dental Center and consult us regarding teeth whitening options or questions. We want to keep your smile bright for years to come!