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North Hollywood, CA area patients are often educated on how to care for their smiles. Some may have heard of others having their wisdom teeth removedRemoval of these third molars is not always necessary, but may be done for a variety of reasons.

Why wisdom teeth removal?

Some reasons patients may have their wisdom teeth removed include:

  • Impaction – since the wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt through the gum line, they may become stuck within the jaw bone. At this point, they can become extremely problematic, causing patients undue pain and discomfort. Removing the impacted teeth is the only way to bring the smile back to health.
  • Dental health – when the wisdom teeth come through the gum line, they are present at the far back of the mouth. Because of their placement, they may be difficult to clean. Brushing and flossing may not keep them as clean as necessary to ensure periodontal disease and cavities do not form. Removing these teeth can help in keeping the smile healthy.
  • Maintenance of orthodontic work – patients who have had orthodontic work done may be worried about their wisdom teeth pushing the existing teeth out of alignment. Some dentists will surgically remove the wisdom teeth before they come through the gum line to avoid this. This eliminates the need for orthodontic work in the future if the smile becomes overcrowded.

Discuss the possibility of wisdom teeth extraction

Whether you are experiencing pain and discomfort from your third molars or are worried about maintaining your oral health with them in place, Dr. Fadi Edmond Elzayat will work with you to determine your best course of action. At A-Dental Center, we consult with patients to determine if extraction is necessary. Call (818) 593-0700 today to schedule an appointment.