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Tooth loss is a problem that many adults face at some point. At one time, tooth loss was accepted as a normal part of the aging process. Today, there may be many individuals who wonder “is there a dentist near me in Hollywood, CA who can restore my smile?” We no longer live in times when gaps in the smile are acceptable. When tooth loss occurs, confidence may also decrease significantly. A beautiful, long lasting way to replace teeth can be found at A-Dental Center in North Hollywood.

Dental implant treatment is nothing new. Evidence of early models, developed by ancient civilizations, has been found during archeological expeditions. Modern implant design, however, did not begin until the mid-twentieth century. Over half a decade, this modern model has been improved upon to a point where, now, dental implant treatment boasts a success rate around 98 percent.

Tooth replacement with dental implants differs from that of dental bridges and dentures in the best possible ways. Implants, inserted in a painless procedure, take the place of missing roots. As such, implants replicate the natural oral structure like no other treatment can. The result of implant treatment is the permanent restoration of functionality and beauty. Not only do implants restore a natural looking and feeling smile, they also aid in the preservation of bone tissue, thus protecting youthful facial contours.

Dental implant treatment is extremely versatile, which means we can address a number of situations. Implants may be used for single-tooth replacement, topped with a crown, or they may be used to support a dental bridge or denture appliance. The overall treatment plan does take some time. However, only two procedures are necessary to complete the entire smile restoration.

Most of the time needed in the dental implant process comes after the insertion of implants into the jawbone. Over the course of four to seven months following the initial procedure, implants are healing within the jawbone, tissue gradually fusing to the implant post or posts. We understand the importance of aesthetics, and can design a temporary restoration to wear during this healing phase of treatment. Once implants have become permanently situated in the jawbone, we can place a beautiful restoration that will feel so natural you may forget your smile is not all yours.

Handle tooth loss with permanent restoration. Call A-Dental Center for your consultation.

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