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We have all or will all, at some point, find ourselves standing in front of a mirror, carefully confirming an acceptable appearance before an all-important meeting, interview, or date. When you look in the mirror, are you happy with the smile that you see? While the clothing you wear and your demeanor may look professional, stains, damage, or misalignment in the smile can be a dark cloud over an otherwise perfect appearance.

Your dentist in North Hollywood, CA offers a variety of services designed to improve and protect the look and health of the smile. In fact, we can even transform your smile in such a way that you feel much more satisfied with, and confident in, your appearance.

Restorative care

Problems such as cracks, fractures, and missing teeth can be quite impactful not only to the look of the smile, but also to oral and general health. If fractures and cracks are not treated, the risk of dental disease is increased. Missing teeth not only leave unsightly gaps in the smile, but also provide areas in which oral bacteria can collect and cause damage to remaining structures. The A-Dental Center team has a great deal of skill in smile restoration, and carefully plan care based on an in-depth examination and diagnostic testing. In our North Hollywood office, patients may receive care such as:

  • Metal-free, tooth-colored fillings are beautiful and can last for many years.
  • Dental crowns, which restore strength to weakened or worn teeth by covering tooth structure.
  • Dental bridges can replace missing teeth. This appliance must be anchored to two healthy teeth for stability.
  • Dental implant treatment is the optimal choice for tooth replacement, requiring no alteration of healthy teeth for stability. Implants may be used to replace one tooth, several teeth, or to support a denture appliance.

Cosmetic care

The dramatic transformation of your smile may be easier than you ever imagined. Under the care of your skilled dentist, you may remove years of set-in stains with professional teeth whitening treatment performed either in our office or in the comfort and privacy of your home. Porcelain veneers treatment is another wonderful way to enhance the smile, perfecting the shape, color, size, and other characteristics of a tooth or teeth.


Looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good. This is just a fact of life. One of the things we love about dentistry is that we can help patients fall in love with their own smile by correcting minor or major concerns with gentle, effective care. We can help you achieve your smile goals. Contact us at (818) 593-0700 for your visit today.

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