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Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

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Porcelain Inlays in North Hollywood, CA

Want to flash a picture-perfect smile, free of any little imperfections like cracks or gaps? Try porcelain inlays!

Utilizing porcelain lets A-Dental Center perfectly blend the inlay with your natural teeth. It’s all about creating a seamless look, and porcelain is the magic ingredient that makes this possible. These inlays match the color of your teeth and mimic their texture, making them incredibly discreet and comfortable.

And who better to get porcelain inlays in North Hollywood, CA, than from Dr. Elzayat and the A-Dental Center team! Get in touch with us today and see firsthand how porcelain inlays can revolutionize your smile, giving you an incredible confidence boost. Your dream smile is just one appointment away!

Why Porcelain Inlays?

Crafted from porcelain and bonded securely into place, porcelain inlays offer both durability and aesthetics that last.

Think of inlays as the perfect middle ground between fillings and crowns. They don’t completely encase your tooth like a crown would, but they do more than just fill a cavity. They restore a significant part of your tooth’s chewing surface, giving it a mini makeover that enhances its function and appearance.

Embrace the power of porcelain inlays and give your smile the care it deserves with Dr. Elzayat and the A-Dental Center team! We offer fantastic porcelain inlays in North Hollywood, CA, with services that include:

  • Repair of large cavities
  • Highest-quality porcelain
  • Custom-designed and shaped to recreate the ideal natural tooth structure
  • Large restorations
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Get your inlays now, and don’t look back when you schedule an appointment with A-Dental Center!

Porcelain Inlays And Onlays Treatment

Are You a Candidate for Dental Inlays?

Got a pesky tooth giving you trouble? Whether it’s tooth decay waving its not-so-magical wand or a damaged tooth acting up, dental inlays could be your solution!

Here at A-Dental Center, we take our time, considering various factors to see if you and dental inlays are a match made in dental heaven. These factors include:

  • Tooth Decay: Dental inlays are often recommended for addressing tooth decay and preserving the remaining tooth structure.
  • Damaged Tooth: If you have a damaged tooth that requires restoration, dental inlays can effectively repair and strengthen the tooth.
  • Fractured Fillings: For those with fractured fillings or compromised dental restorations, inlays provide a durable and effective solution.
  • Biting Surface: Dental inlays are particularly beneficial for restoring the biting surface of a tooth, ensuring proper functionality.
  • Preserving Remaining Tooth Structure: Unlike dental crowns that cover the entire tooth, inlays involve a more conservative approach, preserving more of the remaining tooth structure.


Understanding The Difference Between a Porcelain Inlay and a Veneer

Porcelain veneers. Porcelain inlays. You may have heard of one or both, or you may have heard of neither. Sometimes, we have clients who mix them up, while others know exactly how to distinguish the two. No matter what you know, we’re here to clear things up between these two commonly discussed dental solutions.

Porcelain Inlays

Inlays exist to fix those pesky cavities or other damage that are too big for a filling but not quite large enough for a crown. Crafted from durable porcelain, inlays are custom-made to fit your tooth and blend seamlessly with its color and texture.

They’re bonded into place, fixing the structure of your teeth from the inside out, making inlays a long-lasting solution that cures your ills!


On the other hand, veneers are like the cosmetic stars of the dental world. They’re thin shells of porcelain bonded to the front of your teeth, giving them a whole new look. The main focus of veneers is to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. Got a discolored tooth? A veneer can cover it up. Chipped or broken tooth? Veneers have your back!

So, if you need a structural fix, look to a porcelain inlay. Need a cosmetic upgrade? Trust veneers. No matter what, A-Dental Center can help you determine which works best for you! Give us a call today.

We Serve Any and Everyone Looking for Porcelain Inlays!

You want to work with a dental center that goes above and beyond to provide the care that you deserve. One of the biggest ways to show care is to serve as many clients as possible. At A-Dental Center, we take that to heart and invite everyone looking for wonderful restorative dentistry to visit our North Hollywood, CA, office!

Why? Because we want what’s best for you.

Check out the locations we serve below:

  • North Hollywood
  • NoHo Arts District
  • Valley Village
  • Toluca Lake
  • Toluca Terrace
  • Los Angeles
  • Burbank
  • Studio City
  • Valley Glen
  • Sherman Oaks
  • Van Nuys
  • Glendale
  • North Hills
  • Northridge
  • Panorama City
  • Pacoima

Unleash Your Perfect Smile with Porcelain Inlays!

Do you have a pesky crack, chip, or cavity trying to steal the limelight from your smile? Say ‘no more’ and consider a porcelain inlay as your best option!

Get ready to step into A-Dental Center, where we’re about crafting smiles. We promise to deliver nothing short of the highest-quality inlay designed just for YOU.

Let Dr. Elzayat’s infectious personality lead the way! Embark on your journey towards a healthier, brighter smile with A-Dental Center today.

Before And After Porcelain Veneers Treatment


All staff members of Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists. hygienists, dental assistants, an endodontist, a periodontist, and an oral surgeon.

Porcelain Inlays Reviews


A-Dental Center - Porcelain Inlays North Hollywood

“I had previous dental work done and teeth were in terrible shape. The staff at this office were kind and helped me through the whole process. I had a root canal, which wasn’t painful at all. Just minor discomfort, which I expected and two crowns put in for a great teeth look amazing! “


Brittany P


A-Dental Center - Porcelain Inlays North Hollywood

The best Place I’ve been 2, I would recommended it, to any one…They are very Clean and Great Staff!!! they have plans if u need it and can’t pay all of it. Shit they got me hook. Money Saver, who doesn’t Love That!!! Yes I would recommend this Place!!!


Erik C


A-Dental Center - Porcelain Inlays North Hollywood

Amazing! I got a much needed root canal and deep cleaning done two weeks ago and have had little to no pain. The procedure was also pretty painless. Just don’t be afraid to ask for more anesthesia! I got my crown put in today and the rest of the deep cleaning and I’m in love with my smile.


Raegan R


A-Dental Center - Porcelain Inlays North Hollywood

Dr. Elzayat, is excellent in his job and very professional, great helpful staff who can answer all my questions, the location is great. I am so happy to be one of their patient. I absolutely recommend this place.




A-Dental Center - Porcelain Inlays North Hollywood

I found A-Dental Center after I found out the first dentist I went to would have me maxing out my insurance coverage after a cleaning and one periodontal procedure. My husband recommended them and I’m so happy that I found them. The front desk staff is amazing!


Johnna W

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