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Losing your teeth is not a pleasant experience. It is painful, disturbs your smile, and impairs your chewing abilities. However, did you know that its ill effects scale even beyond?

Dental decay happens to be one of the most common reasons for teeth loss. Other than this, teeth can also be lost due to periodontal diseases, infections, cancer, trauma, and improper dental procedures.

Faulty oral hygiene practices allow the bacteria-laden tartar to accumulate in the oral cavity, which causes gum diseases and cavities. If not treated at the earliest, it can lead to pain, swelling, receding, bleeding gums, bone destruction, and loose teeth, which eventually leads to tooth loss.

Dentists at A-Dental Center, North Hollywood, California, urge you to swiftly address your oral health issues to prevent the progression of dental diseases and eliminate the chances of tooth loss.

Losing your teeth can have a severe impact on your overall well-being as well. Even if you lose a single tooth, its absence can severely compromise the sanctity of your oral harmony. Once the tooth is lost, it leaves an empty space in your mouth, which is free to be occupied by the remaining teeth. This gives the remaining teeth the freedom to move around in the mouth to close that space which disturbs the oral harmony. The function of your jawbone is to hold the tooth in its place. Since now the teeth have been lost, it does not serve its intended purpose and begins the resorption process. The jaw bone in the area of missing teeth will shrink in size and shape. Everyday activities like chewing and speech will be hampered. A smile with missing teeth may cause you to be conscious of your appearance and wreck your confidence. It can also lead to further tooth loss. Therefore, it is imperative to get your missing teeth replaced as soon as possible by dental implants in North Hollywood, California, by our fantastic and skilled dentists.

Moreover,  the impact of losing multiple teeth is also visible externally. Once the teeth are lost, the process of jawbone resorption starts. If a dental implant does not replace the lost teeth in North Hollywood, California, immediately, the process of resorption will continue. The jawbones will soon shrink in size, which affects the way our skin drapes, leading to facial collapse and facial sagging. The bone height is lost, and the overall length of the face decreases. Some vital structures and nerves are also now exposed to the oral environment causing pain and discomfort. At this stage, implant placement in North Hollywood, California, becomes difficult as there is no bone available to support the implant. Therefore, dentists at A-Dental Center, North Hollywood, California, recommend replacing lost teeth at the earliest.

Moreover, the presence of teeth influences the position of the tongue and lips, which controls speech. Loss of teeth, shrinkage of jawbones, and lip collapse disturb the way we speak. Quality of speech changes, certain sounds tend to slip, and you may even develop a lisp.

These are some of the effects of tooth loss that significantly impact your self-confidence and may cause anxiety and mental stress.

However, all this can be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular visits at our clinic in North Hollywood, California. Dental implants placed by our dentist at A-Dental Center, North Hollywood, slow down the process of bone resorption and maintains oral harmony. Dental Implants in North Hollywood are the best alternative to replacing lost teeth as they look and feel exactly like a natural tooth. It also helps restore your chewing and speech capabilities to normal and eliminates all the unwanted tooth loss repercussions. If you are searching for tooth replacement options in North Hollywood, California, you can schedule an appointment with us and get on your journey to better oral health.